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    Spoilers for ‘Disenchanted: Giselle Returns’ below


    Disney has upheld a long tradition in the ‘Enchanted’ sequel, ‘Disenchanted: Giselle Returns’ with a well-known voice making a surprise appearance. Alan Tudyk voices the role of Scroll in this belated sequel, but in case you didn’t know, he’s actually had a role in every Disney Animation movie since Wreck-It Ralph, where he voiced King Candy. .

    That includes film roles in recent films like ‘Charm’ (Pico the Toucan), Raya and the Last Dragon’ (Tuk Tuk), as well as ‘Frozen II’ (various roles) and the ‘Wreck It Ralph’ sequel, ‘Wreck It Ralph. Internet’ (Knows More). That is to say, the move to Live-Action has not been an impediment for Disney Animation to continue with its “rule” of giving Tudyk a role, of course in its original version.

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    In many ways it could be said that he is the good luck charm of Disney Animation, just like John Ratzenberger is for Pixar, where he has voiced characters like Hamm in ‘Toy Story’, the Abominable Snowman in ‘ Monsters SA’ and The Underground in ‘The Incredibles’.

    ‘Disenchanted’ is set 15 years after the original film, following Giselle (Amy Adams) and Robert (Patrick Dempsey) after they move to a suburban community, though they accidentally turn the town into a real-life Andalasia. Reactions have been mixed, but with praise for the songs, though many critics find it a disappointing sequel.

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    In his review, Digital Spy it states:

    It’s hard to escape the feeling that as fun as ‘Disenchanted’ is, it feels pretty flat compared to the original. Not only in the songs, but also in the padding of a plot that tries to give everyone something to do and only manages to create several underdeveloped subplots. ‘Enchanted’ fans will have a blast catching up with Giselle, Robert and company, trying to snag as many Easter Eggs as possible. It’s just that it’s hard to imagine there being the same clamor for a third movie to follow up on this one.

    ‘Disenchanted: Gisele Returns’ is now available to watch on Disney+.


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