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    The author of ‘Heartstopper’, Alice Oseman, has challenged some of the fan perceptions surrounding the hit LGBTQ series+ from Netflix.

    Tracing the relationship between high school students Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) and Charlie Spring (Joe Locke), this drama that is based on a coming-of-age which was hailed by many as “the purest, cleanest, healthiest show” they have ever seen.

    Now this may seem self-evident enough – what current series doesn’t contain such labels? – but Oseman’s predominant response to it has been one of confusion.

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    Even in the first season you have an emotionally and physically abusive relationship, there’s homophobia, there’s bullying, there’s implications of mental health issues“, he told The Guardian recently. “So it was a strange reaction.”

    Oseman felt that audiences did not fully appreciate some of the series’ darker themes. Perhaps in the future of ‘Heartstopper’, one of Netflix’s most successful series of this 2022, they will be explored more carefully.

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    The series creator also admitted that she is pleased by the lack of transphobia directed at Heartstopper, with Yasmin Finney’s trans character Elle a potential target. “I like to think that (the lack of negativity) is because ‘Heartstopper’ is so positive and upbeat and full of love that it’s hard to actively hate without coming across as a horrible person.“Oseman said. “But that’s not how fans work, so I’m not sure how that’s been avoided. But I’m glad it is.”

    The second season of the series is underway, and a third season is also planned! However, at the moment there is no date for any of them.

    When the series is back on Netflix it will likely pick up right where it left off. (Be careful, from here on there are spoilers) Nick has finally come clean with his mom and is ready to call Charlie “his boyfriend.” Nevertheless, lack to see how the rest of the school reacts when their relationship is discovered.

    Ben is likely not happy about this, as he has developed a sense of ownership over Charlie despite refusing to come out. Now that the withdrawn and sweet Charlie has moved on, he further fuels the frustration of the other boy played by Sebastian Croft.

    Besides all this, in the first season it became clear that there is still latent homophobia in the corridors of the school, led by the wealthy and privileged Harry. Tao and Elle will also have to deal with their growing feelings for each other as they finally decide whether to stay friends or become something more.

    We will be watching all of them.

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