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Saudis break all pools…

The Argentine National Team, great candidate to conquer the title in the World Cup Qatar 2022, suffered a malicious and surprising setback 1-2 against Saudi Arabia, first meeting corresponding to Group Cheld early this Tuesday at the Lusail Stadium.

The Argentine team saw its long streak of 37 games without losingdespite going up on the scoreboard very early in the match, thanks to a goal from Lionel Messi at minute 7, via penalty; However, the Saudis started the complementary part with a beating drum and in five minutes they turned around with goals from Saleh Al-Shehr at 47′ and Salem Al-Dawsari at 53′.

La Albiceleste He paid with the defeat for his lack of coordination during the first half when three goals were disallowed, one to the Argentine captain, and two more to Lautaro Martinez, after millimeter misplaced decreed in the VAR video arbitration.

La Albiceleste, a candidate for the title in Qatar 2022, will risk their lives against Mexico on Saturday, November 26.

With this unexpected result, Saudi Arabia adds three points and assumes the provisional leadership of the Group C waiting for the comparison between Mexico and Poland at the 974 Stadium.

The controversy arose early in the meeting, due to a very strict criminalafter one Saud Abdulhamid grab on Leandro Paredes during a right corner kick, which the Slovenian referee slavko vincic sanctioned with the maximum penalty, after reviewing the play in the VAR.

The captain, leader and symbol of the Albiceleste he took the ball and the Saudi die was cast. Lionel Messi soberly charged to the right of the goalkeeper Mohammed Al Owais and put his team ahead 1-0 at minute 7, while He reached 92 goals with the Argentine team.

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Lionel Messi took the penalty with the coolness of a star and put his team ahead.

At minute 22 a deep service lake found Messi in an almost imperceptible forward position and the second goal of the Argentine captain was annulled.

The Argentine captain scored the second goal of the match, but the VAR penalized a millimeter misplaced.

And five minutes later Lautaro Martinez pounced the ball before the exit Mohammed Al Owais, after another great assist between the Saudi lines, but the goal was annulled due to a new millimeter misplacement.

Lautaro Martínez defined with great quality before the departure of goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Owais, but the VAR drowned out the goal cry.

At 34′, the “Bull” Martinez he shook the nets again, after getting rid of the Saudi goalkeeper with a great feint, but did not deceive the VARuntil then his personal best score.

“El Toro” Martínez deceived the Saudi goalkeeper again, but not the VAR that canceled his second goal.

The Argentine fliers found big gaps in the lower saudi tablebut the necessary coordination with the strikers to reflect it on the scoreboard. The South American team played in the last 20 meters of the field, a incessant pressure on the Saudi mark.

The start of the complementary part was the opposite of what was planned in the dressing room by lionel scaloni and their directors. in just five minutes Saudi Arabia turned the score around and plunged into a shock to the many Argentines in the stands.

At 48′, Leandro Paredes he lost a ball in the midfield and left his team out of place, which was not enough to react to the arrival, like a whirlwind, of Saleh Al Shehri, who finished off crossed to the left post on a mark of Christian Romero to leave no chance Emiliano Martinez.

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The Saudi goal fell very badly among the Argentines, but the second, at 52 ‘, fell even worse and turned on all the alarms in the bank, where Scaloni shook his hair as surprised as desperate.

At 52 ‘, a rebound from “Draw” Martinez fell at the feet of the Saudi figure Salem Al-Dawsariwho did not think twice and took out a impossible flash for the Argentine goalkeeper. The biggest surprise of the World Cup, so far, was materializing.

Salem Al-Dawsari fired a flash that burned the nets of the frame defended by Emiliano Martínez.

The biggest surprise of the World Cup, so far, took shape at minute 52.

Argentina, wounded in its pride, turned with everything over the Saudi mark, and from a training session during the first half, the match turned into a knockout challenge. At 63′, Mohammed Al Owais avoided the goal over the line, thanks to a feline reaction, after a deflection of Nicolas Tagliafico.

Mohammed Al-Owais had a feline reaction to avoid the goal, after a deflection by Nicolás Tagliafico.

The champions of the Copa América 2021 They did not find the peace of mind to find the tie goal. At 83′, Messi finished off with a header, but the ball came into the hands of a safe Mohammed Al-Owais.

Argentina’s next game will be on Saturday November 26 against Mexico.

Group C / Date 1
Argentina 1-2 Saudi Arabia
Stadium: Lusail
Referee: Slavko Vincic (Slovenia)
1-0 (7′).- Lionel Messi (penalty)
1-1 (47 ‘).- Saleh Al-Shehr
1-2 (53 ‘).- Salem Al-Dawsari

Emiliano Martinez
Nicholas Otamendi
Christian Romero
(Lisandro Martinez, 59′)
Nicolas Tagliafico
(Marcos Acuna, 71′)
Nahuel Molina
Leandro Paredes
(Enzo Fernandez, 59′)
Rodrigo DePaul
Alejandro Gomez
(Julian Alvarez, 59′)
angel di maria
Lautaro Martinez
Lionel Messi
DT: Lionel Scaloni

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Saudi Arabia
Mohammed Al-Owais (Yellow, 90+2′)
Ali Al-Bulayhi (Yellow, 75′)
Hassan Altambakti
Abdulelah Al-Malki (Yellow, 67′)
Yasser Al Shahrani
Saud Abdulhamid (Yellow, 82′)
Mohamed Kanno
Salman Al Faraj
(Nawaf Al-Abid, 45+4′) (Yellow, 88′)
(Abdullah Al-Amri, 88′)
Salem Al-Dawsari (Yellow, 79′)
Feras Al Brikan
(Haitham Asiri, 89′)
Saleh Al Shehri
(Sultan Al-Ghannam, 78′)
DT: Herve Renard

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