They locate the girl Alyson Sofía safe and sound, she never left the country

After an intense mobilization of taxi drivers and the search for her family, the girl was located yesterday Alyson Sofía Salvador Chávez in the Magdalena Mixihuca neighborhoodmayor Venustiano Carranza, in good health, for which he has already rejoined his family nucleus, reported the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJCDMX).

Despite the fact that the Prosecutor’s Office announced the meeting of the adolescent thanks to the efforts of the Investigative Police (PD), his father, Jiovany Salvadorassured that it was the girl’s mother and a group of taxi drivers who managed to locate the minor.

In an interview, the also taxi driver explained that thanks to a report from a person who saw Alyson Sofía in the surroundings and a quick mobilization of her fellow drivers, her mother was able to locate the teenager who was missing between August 18 and 21. The taxi drivers were summoned through WhatsApp groups, so dozens of them arrived at the Meter mixihuca of Line 9 of the Metro.

Because they wanted to intervene directly, they spoke with the police and elements of the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office, so that the recovery of the minor will be carried out only with the intervention of the authorities and the parents of the minor.

Still, they waited until the girl was reintegrated with her family.

For Jovani Salvador, there was a delay from the authorities for the search for the 15-year-old girl, but thanks to union solidarity and the media, the case was resolved favorably.

Our daughter is with us, but the Prosecutor’s Office did not find her, my wife and my fellow taxi drivers found her, since the Prosecutor’s Office had 20 minutes with the investigation folder, even I was just going to speak to the Investigation Police when my wife told me makes it known where she was seen and my fellow taxi drivers arrived at the point”, he explained.

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However, for the recovery of the minor, the parents of the 15-year-old girl do They were accompanied by the PDI, with the purpose of guaranteeing the integrity of Alyson, her mother and her father.

For its part, the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office reported that the location of Alyson Sofía was the product of the joint work of that unitin addition to remembering that the Amber Alert was issued to facilitate the search.

As a result of the work carried out by ministerial personnel, agents of the Investigative Police, the Special Search, Reaction and Intervention Group and the Secretary of Citizen Security, it was possible to locate the adolescent in the Magdalena Mixihuca neighborhood, Venustiano Carranza mayor’s office.

Alyson Sofía worked organizing home orders for a convenience store thatsupplies the entire residential area of ​​Paseos de Taxqueña and her last message to the family was “I am in Dubai”, so there was a fear in her family that she had been deceived.

Nevertheless, never left the country and yesterday he returned to the maternal house.

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