Lidia Sanguino, 18-year-old mother, dies after being beaten by neighbors

Lydia Sanguine, a young 18-year-old mother was attacked by several neighbors from San Bernardino, in Texcoco, State of Mexico. The injuries she sustained from her left her hospitalized and in a coma for weeks, until his death last Monday.

Due to the blows suffered, Lidia suffered a head injury, in addition to spinal cord damagefor which he was in a coma and no longer recovered.

Lydia is survived by a 11 month old baby Before the attack, the young mother took the newborn to the Civil Registry to give him a name Fidelthe same as his grandfather.

As reported The universal, the body of the young woman was veiled in a house built with sheets, sticks and canvas, in the area where there is still farmland from the community of San Bernardino. Lidia came to this home with her parents when she was six years oldafter the family was evicted from a property where they lived in Chimalhuacán.

According to this medium, Lidia occupied a small temporary room at the time of being attacked. She lived there because she was given the space, which is part of some houses built irregularly.

They demand justice for Lydia

On November 22, relatives and friends of Lidia Sanguino closed traffic at the Texcoco-Lechería junction and the incorporation of the México-Texcoco highway. During the protest, they denounced that the authorities they refused to grant a decent place in the San Bernardino pantheon to place the remains of the young woman.

The protest paid off and on Wednesday afternoon Lidia was buried in the San Bernardino cemetery, in a ceremony accompanied by cries for justice

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Lidia’s parents accused that agents of the Public Ministry mistreated them when they reported the death of their daughter.

Both family and friends will stay in struggle to demand that the case be clarified and that those responsible be brought to justice.

(Reporting by Brandon Celaya)

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