Metro and Morena union distance themselves from AMLO propaganda

The National Union of Workers of the Metro Collective Transportation System (STC) and the game Brunette on the Mexico City They distanced themselves yesterday from all the propaganda that has been placed in this means of transport in the capital with the image of the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to call for the march this Sunday, November 27.

Starting this Monday, dozens of posters began to appear inside subway cars, showing López Obrador, with the Zócalo in the background, and the legend: “Let’s celebrate with the president 4 years of transformation.” At the bottom of the poster, the appointment and time are added: “November 27, 9:00 am. From the Angel of Independence to the Zócalo”.

The Mexico City Metro has concession of advertising spaces to the company ISA CORPORATIVE, SA de CV.

The Capital Metro Union, led by Fernando Espino, who is a member of the local PRI, distanced itself yesterday from all the propaganda placed on the means of transport.

“Neither the Union, nor the more than 14,000 Metro workers are participating in the dissemination and placement of political advertising in the Metro facilities, nor in the advertising spaces that the STC has in the Metro network,” said the Union. .

For his part, Sebastián Ramírez, leader of Morena in Mexico City, pointed out that the party did not pay to place this propaganda and said that there are many people who want to support the President.

“There are many people who want to support the President, they are four years of transformation, four years of the oligarchy not dominating in Mexico, because there are many people who want to celebrate and accompany the President next Sunday and surely he is calling,” he said.

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The constitution establishes that the image of the Executive can only be disseminated during the period of his government report, however, this advertising does not contain government logos. The image of López Obrador has already been disseminated before in billboards and advertisements when the consultation to revoke the mandate was proposed.

At the time, when the mandate revocation consultation occurred on April 10, the civil association “Let democracy continue” She was responsible for placing billboards and publicity in numerous parts of the City to promote the consultation.

López Obrador just this Monday, November 21, announced that the march will be at 9 in the morning on November 27. Advertising began to appear on Metro trains this Monday.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the march he called for next November 27 is not for electoral reform but rather a celebration for his political movement. He also said, on several occasions, that the march is not because he is “on fire” for the citizens’ march on November 13.

López Obrador said that he will lead the contingent and hopes to be accompanied by founders of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), however he said that for those who are of a certain age or have health problems, he hopes to be able to find them directly in the Zócalo.

“To clarify that, the march is not for electoral reform, it is to strengthen the transformation movement and celebrate the achievements. How can we not celebrate?” she said this week.

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