They spread the image of AMLO in the CDMX Metro to invite the march on 27

During an official event, the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbauminvited the public to participate in the march led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador this Sunday, November 27.

“Those from the media are going to criticize me, but I don’t care: I want to invite them next Sunday, it will be four years since the president Lopez Obrador he reached the Presidency of the Republic”, declared the capital official during the inauguration ceremony of a Diconsa store in the Tepito neighborhood.

Sheinbaum told neighborhood residents that “today we have to thank the president”, for the opening of the store that will provide basic necessities at affordable prices, and reiterated the invitation to the event.

“So, we invite you, we’re going to be there celebrating four years of transformation. Sunday the 27th at 9 in the morning at the Angel of Independence, ”he insisted.

The head of government stressed that it was important to celebrate the arrival of López Obrador at the National Palace, since “many things have changed since then.”

“We have an honest president who is dedicated to the people of Mexico. He no longer governs himself for a few, he governs himself for the majority, the universal pension of older adults is throughout the country, the youth support it is all over the country; In other words, they are building many plays of infrastructure that benefit all of us and that is recovered, which is essential to strengthen the economy of everyone and everyone,” he said.

Official sticks posters

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For his part, the director of the Sports Institute of the Government of Mexico City, javier hidalgoboasted on his social networks a series of photographs in which he appears pasting posters with the photograph of the president that call for the march in the same facilities of the agency.

“Here pasting the posters for the Celebration with President López Obrador of the 4 years of transformation in the Sports Institute”, published the capital official on his Twitter account.

On Wednesday afternoon, a video circulated on networks in which alleged Mexico City government workers They posted posters calling for the march on public roads.

Wearing the cherry-colored vests that distinguish capital officials, a man and a woman were videotaped placing the advertisement on a fence.

Advertising began to appear this week in public spaces such as corridors and subway cars in Mexico City, however, the National Union of Workers of the Metro Collective Transportation System (STC) and the party Brunette Yesterday in the capital they distanced themselves from all the propaganda that has been placed on this means of transport.

This Thursday, the director of the Metro, Guillermo Calderón, assured that he did not authorize the installation of the advertisement and announced that he had already issued the instruction for it to be withdrawn.

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The Constitution establishes that the image of the Executive It can be broadcast only during your government reporting period, however, this advertisement does not contain government logos. The image of López Obrador has already been disseminated before in billboards and advertisements when the consultation to revoke the mandate was proposed.

With information from El Universal

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