Felipe Munita obtains the Hispano-American Poetry Award for Children 2022

Chilean poet and researcher Felipe Munita Jordanobtained the ninth edition of the Hispano-American Prize for Poetry for Children 2022 granted by the Foundation for Mexican Letters, for the work Trinares.

“For me it is a very important distinction because when this award arose, a space began to be built for a genre that was orphaned. At that time, poetry for children was very subordinated to narratives and albums, very little literature for children was still written and it was very restricted. What this award contributed was opening up the poetic game towards different ways of thinking about the poetry-childhood binomial, so the commitment to free verse was relevant”, explains the Andean writer.

The prize, endowed with 200 thousand pesos, includes the publication of the collection of poems by the Fondo de Cultura Económica. The jury formed by Coral Bracho, Norma Muñoz Ledo and Blanca Luz Pulido argued that Trinares it brings childhood closer to “the enjoyment of the plastic, metric and sound richness of versified poetry; and it is an invitation to closely follow the imaginative process and the joyful sense of its creation”.

Munita believes that childhood is the best stage to start savoring the word with other uses that are not daily. I wish there was more of this discovery of a word manipulated for aesthetic purposes, ”he said.

He remembers that his vocation for poetic writing was born from his youth, and the passage from reading to pen was very natural. His poetic world is defined by two keys: music and nature in permanent dialogue with himself.his fascination for birds and close contact with nature.

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Felipe Munita Jordán was born in Santiago de Chile in 1979. As a child, his father, when he returned home from work at night, would tell him a story to say goodbye to the day in turn. That invented narration, spread every night by his mother, was for that child, equivalent to The Karamazov Brothersof Dostoevsky.

The Chilean poet recalls that his mother sang old boleros, and that his five brothers, older than him, played the guitar. He comments that this search for poetry, he also feels with music, “an invitation to another way of naming the world, of looking at the human experience.” previously posted 10 birds in my windowcollection of poems that he obtained the Amster-Coré 201 Prize; the IBBY Chile Hummingbird Medal 2017 and the Cuatrogatos Foundation Award 2017.


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