Investigate irregularities in bids for events linked to Tokyo 2020

The Tokyo Prosecutor’s Office and Japan’s antitrust authorities are investigating apparent irregularities in the awarding of bids to host past test events. 2020 Olympics.

In the framework of this investigation, the authorities searched this Friday the headquarters of the largest advertising agency in Japan and that He also collaborated in the organization of the OlympicsDentsu, as well as that of the event producer Cerespo, reported the public channel nhk.

According to leaks to the media, Dentsu and other companies they would have been negotiating in advance of the concessions to determine the winners of the related tenders to the organization of test events for the Olympic and Paralympic Games last summer.

The organizing committee of the Olympic Games itself would have been involved in irregularities, since the winning companies would be selected from a list prepared by the entity.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government opened an investigation on its part to inquire about the contracts.

A total of 26 tenders worth more than 500 million yen (about 3.5 million euros) are in the spotlight.

Although all were managed by the organizing committee, some projects were implemented jointly with the regional government of the capitalso he assumed some costs.

The Japanese authorities are carrying out an exhaustive scrutiny of the last Tokyo Olympic Games after the arrest of one of the members of the board of directors of the organizing committee of the sports event for the alleged receipt of bribes.

The alleged recipient of the money and central figure in the case is Haruyuki Takahashiwho would have used a consultancy owned by an acquaintance to receive payments.

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Takahashi remains in prison while the investigation continues, accused of having received close to 200 million yen (1.4 million euros) from at least five companies, including various sponsors of the event, including the Kadokawa publishing house and the suit store chain Aoki. (EFE)

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