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    The truth is ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water‘It has been long overdue. While the mouse house rearranges its calendar over and over again to marry its premieres on Disney+ in the best possible way with the arrivals of its franchises, sagas and different purchases, at 20th Century Studios they have more than ready the titanic return to Pandora. The images of the filming have been putting long teeth to the enthusiastic fan patients of the first installment, a fandom that has been waiting for more than a decade for its world of eternal lianas, fluorescent bugs and immense oceans to expand but that, now, they have almost at hand, a perfect excuse to talk to their creator, James Cameron.

    Ester Expósito stars in ‘Venus’, the new film by Jaume Balagueró, the filmmaker’s return to the magnetic spell of a cursed building with the scent of Lovecraft and a dedicated protagonist as the scream queen. Responsible for some of the best Spanish horror films, Balagueró bewitched us with ‘Darkness’ (2002) and, now, he does not hesitate to remind us that he is the co-author of that miracle called ‘[•REC]’ (2007) and ‘[•REC]²’ (2009) and that he made us sweat again in a building with ‘While you sleep’ (2011).

    Premieres ‘The yellow roof’, the heartbreaking documentary by Isabel Coixet focused on the complaints of sexual abuse of more than twenty students in the Aula de Teatro de Lleida. Premiered in the Official Selection Special Screenings of the San Sebastian Festival, this tough story tells us how, in 2018, a group of nine women presented a complaint against two of his teachers from the Aula de Teatro de Lleida for sexual abuse that occurred between 2001 and 2008, when they were teenagers.

    We sneak into the filming of ‘Full train 2: Yes, it has happened to them again’, sequel to the successful ‘A todo tren. Destination Asturias’ (Santiago Segura, 2021). Co-written again by Santiago Segura and Marta González de Vega, responsible for the commercial success of ‘Padre no hay más que uno’ (2019), ‘Father there is no more than one 2: The arrival of the mother-in-law’ (2020) and ‘Father there is only one 3’ (2022)the film has been directed this time by Inés de León (director of ‘What are you playing for?’), who will also play a fairly important character in the plot that, of course, continues the adventures of the children who are once again at the mercy of of a train without adults in charge and with a desperate conductor.

    Lucasfilm’s work for Disney+ continues to give us promising news. After the resounding success of ‘The Mandalorian‘, and the underrated and tremendously enjoyable ‘Boba Fett’s book‘, the production company chaired by kathleen kennedy has decided to leave space and return to the fantasy world we met in fundamental’Willow‘ (Ron Howard, 1988).

    The new number of PHOTOGRAMS is now on sale at newsstands. What are you waiting for?

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thirteen years ago James Cameron revolutionized the cinema at the same time that he blew up the world box office with a technological display that made viewers fly into a new dimension.

Now, with ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’, he does not double but quadruples the bet on his second trip to Pandora.

A building that hides a disturbing and supernatural threat is the title of the filmmaker’s latest film, ‘Venus’, a banquet for horror fans starring Ester Expósito, the actress who stood out in ‘Elite’.

A symbol of ‘savoir vivre’ and an undisputed star in the history of 1950s cinema, We remember Ava Gardner, on the centenary of her birthits 12+1 essential roles.

The arrival of Whitney Houston biopic, ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’reminds us of other great music stars who saw their life (and their songs) interpreted by great screen stars.

After embroidering the family drama with ‘History of a marriage’, Noah Baumbach stands between satire and domestic terror to portray the neuroses of the American psyche in his adaptation of the novel ‘Background Noise’ by Don DeLillo.

The filmmaker has resorted to the documentary as a weapon of denunciation on numerous occasions. But ‘The yellow roof’ is more than any other. We spoke with Isabel Coixet of this work on several cases of sexual abuse, and other issues of his already long career.

Santiago Segura produces and writes ‘A todo tren 2: Yes, it has happened to them again’, the sequel to this family comedy, cedes the direction to Inés de León and the leading role to Paz Vega and Paz Padilla. The director tells us.

An idyllic setting. A crime. A handful of suspects… and a detective determined to solve everything. Daniel Craig returns to the orders of Rian Johnson in ‘Knives in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Onion’a twist to the ‘whodunit’ full of stars… and surprises.


He has bats in the garden

It didn’t take a snap to tune in to a likable Tim Burton and talk for half an hour about his latest work, ‘Wednesday’, approach to the already adolescent heiress of the Addams.


Anna Castillo, Natalia de Molina and two new queens

Unknown to the public the comedian Coria Castillo and the screenwriter Anna Marchessi are the bet of the series ‘Easy’who star with Anna Castillo and Natalia de Molina.

He is a seasoned veteran of sagas and fantastic franchises such as ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Harry Potter’, but Warwick Davis’ career will forever be linked to ‘Willow’a character that, 35 years after doing it in the movies, he plays again in a TV series that promises adventure… and magic.

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