Mexico supports but does not participate in dialogues with Venezuela: Ebrard

Mexico “supports” but “does not participate” in the dialogues between the Venezuelan government and the opposition, that will resume in the country next Saturday, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said on Thursday.

“We do not participate directly in the dialogue, of course we support the dialogue, but we will not be during the talks“Ebrard clarified in a conference after the meeting of ministers of the Pacific Alliance.

The dialogue, which had been taking place since August 2021 in Mexico, was suspended three months later by official decision, in protest of the extradition of Colombian businessman Álex Saab, alleged figurehead of President Maduroto the United States, where he faces legal proceedings for money laundering.

Questioned on the subject, Ebrard argued that he He could not give details about the times and venues of the meeting because he has to “act prudently because these processes are delicate.”

We are not looking for leadership, but rather that they find a reliable space to be able to dialogue between Venezuelans.

“I estimate that they will be on Saturday, but I don’t know if they end on Sunday, we don’t have an exact time, so we will be reporting as they and they themselves determine,” he added.

With the negotiation, the opposition demanded “free” elections in the regional elections in November 2021, while Maduro wanted international sanctions against his government to be lifted.

“For now we see it with great hope and a very good sign, and it’s good that they are talking,” concluded Ebrard. (EFE)

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