Shame that Murat wants to be presidential;  there are 715 femicides in his six-year term: Soledad Jarquín, journalist and feminist

Oaxaca, Oax.- “It is a shame that Alejandro Murat will run as a candidate for the presidency. This is the model you promised, this is the Oaxaca model, they are 715 women murdered and almost 2,000 disappeared, that’s a shame,” said Soledad Jarquín Édgar, a journalist and Oaxacan defender, during the march that took place in the Oaxacan capital, within the framework of the International day to eliminate violence against women.

Soledad Jarquín is an indirect victim of femicide violence in Oaxaca, since in 2018 her daughter, María del Sol Cruz Jarquín, was murdered; the case remains unpunished.

In addition, he regretted that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador had the idea of ​​”rewarding” him for his six-year term, which “was femicidal and corrupt.”

Arriving at the esplanade of the Oaxaca cathedral, the women lay on the floor to simulate the deaths, that they are still unpunished in this six-year term, and that they exceed 90%.

In Oaxaca there is a Alert for Gender Violence for 40 municipalities since 2018However, in municipalities such as Juchitán, Salina Cruz and the Capital of Oaxaca itself, there have been violent deaths against women.

According to the newspaper count of the Women’s Studies Group (Ges Mujer) “Rosario Castellanos”, from January to date, 125 femicides have been registered in just this 2022, for which Oaxaca ranks fifth nationally with greater number of investigation folders on gender-based murders.

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