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‘Andor’ has just closed its first season on Disney + amid the applause of a specialized press that is full of flattery. Many fans, although not as numerous as is the case with other ‘Star Wars’ series, have also shown an enthusiasm that will soon be rewarded with season 2. This new batch of episodes has already started its production in London, structuring its narrative arc in a very specific way..

As it happened with season 1, distributed in creative blocks although without temporary jumps, the next chapters of this galactic series will also be raised in batches designed to have their beginning and end framed within the season. Tony Gilroy himself, creator of the series, explains it, assuring that the action is going to rush with enough rhythm in order to unite this prequel with the events that we saw in ‘Rogue One’. “In fact [los episodios]They are super condensed. It’s like three days, four days, two weeks, four days. They propose a fairly short time framewhich is great”explains Gilroy in statements to Deadline. “That’s what’s exciting about it. You can be away a year, come back to count Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and then skip a year. It won’t be like season two takes place over another year. [Los próximos episodios] they are very focused which is fun. And then you have to keep in mind everything you haven’t told, what happened while we weren’t looking.”.

Said filmmaker has also recently reiterated that his television fiction will connect directly with the start of ‘Rogue One’ through episodes that are intended to maintain the approach that has won over critics. “It will be the same tone”advance in statements to Film. “Hopefully it will have the same quality, the same attention to detail and all the other ingredients that our fans have grown accustomed to. But there are two things that are very different. One is that this is a series about Cassian becoming a revolutionary. His commitment to the cause is not going to be so questioned in the next episodes. And the second difference is that We’re going to be covering four years. Every time we do three episodes in the second half, we skip a year.. And when we return to the series for its second season, it will be a year later. We will do three episodes and skip a year. Then we’ll do three episodes and another year jump, and the last batch will be the one that leads us to ‘Rogue One’. We have some pretty interesting storytelling opportunities. I’d like to know if anyone else has done it before… We can’t think of any show that has done it.”.

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perfecting the system

‘Andor’ has already tried to structure its episodes in blocks in its first season, but the system will be outlined in a much more concrete way in the next episodes. Thus, season 2 will have homogeneous packages of episodes that will narrate specific events after each time jump. On the contrary, the first season, with its trial/error, did not finish polishing the matter, ending by presenting his adventure in the following creative blocks of episodes directed and written by the same couple of filmmakers:

– Toby Haynes directs and Tony Gilroy signs the script for the first three episodes: ‘Kassa’, ‘I think it was me’ and ‘Revenge’.

– Susanna White directs and Dan Gilroy writes episodes 4, 5 and 6: ‘Aldhani’, ‘The Ax Forgets’ and ‘The Eye’.

– Here comes the ‘exception’. Episode 7 – ‘Declaration’ is on the loose, with Benjamin Caron directing and Stephen Schiff writing the script.

– Toby Haynes repeats behind the scenes, based on Beau Willimon’s scripts for the prison triad, 8, 9 and 10: ‘Narkina 5’, ‘They won’t listen to us!’ and ‘A way out’.

– And finally, Tony Gilroy returns to the script under the baton of Caron, who also repeats, for the last two chapters, 11 and 12: ‘Daughter of Ferrix’ and ‘Rix Street’.

This way of presenting the narrative is remarkable because each block has its own history and internal structure that is later framed in the season. The best example to understand this bet is the cut-up film about what happened in Narkina 5, three ideal episodes to see Gilroy’s plan because not only do they have a clear beginning, middle and end, but they are also aesthetically very different.

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