They denounce ecocide in an area protected by territorial ordering of the CDMX

The implementation of the General Land Management Program of Mexico City puts at risk the protected natural area known as water forestassured in a press conference academics, environmentalists and people from indigenous peoples.

This area known as Bosque de Agua, includes the Chichinautzin biological corridor that crosses Mexico City, the State of Mexico and Morelos, and could be affected by the urban expansion that is intended to be carried out with the planning program, raised by the headquarters government headed by Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum, said the complainants.

It is at risk and with it the water reserves could disappear due to urban expansion and clandestine and immoderate logging that advances under the omission of state and federal authorities.

Based on a document they called the “Water Forest Initiative”, they denounced that Mexico City, the State of Mexico and Morelos could be left without their forests, which they consider the main lungs for their ecosystems.

They also estimate that this site provides water to more than 25 million people.

They point out that the main risk factors are sprawl, clandestine logging and fires.

They accused “Claudia Sheinbaum, head of government of Mexico City, of seeking to implement the PGOT (General Program for Territorial Planning) to regularize invaded areas and areas that remain uninvaded.

They claim that this puts irreversible risk to 30 thousand hectares with the intention of changing land use from conservation to rural.

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