They killed a general after an operation against kidnapping policemen

General José Silvestre Urzúa Padilla, coordinator of the National Guard in the state of Zacatecas, was assassinated during a day of federal operations in the south of the state, with the aim of arresting police officers accused of kidnapping.

The Zacatecas prosecutor, Francisco José Murillo Ruiseco, reported that federal forces participated in two shootings with armed civilianswhich left the deceased general as a balance, in addition to two alleged dead assailants.

The National Guard and Army forces began the operation in the municipality of Pino at 6 in the morning, with the aim of detaining three municipal police officers, accused of kidnapping.

Elements of the army checked the weapons of the police and searched the facilities of the command, to look for signs of crimes.

The feds carried out two other searches (one in Pino and another in the capital); during the mobilization they found a charred corpse.

At 1 in the afternoon the first armed aggression in the region was registered. At that point, an alleged hitman who attacked the forcessaid the prosecutor.

Subsequently, at a point close to the community of jaltomatethe National Guard had a second confrontation, where the general and an alleged attacker died.

Two men and one woman were arrested for these events, with seized weapons.

The prosecutor said that the deceased civilians have not been identified, so they will undergo expert examinations to determine their identity and participation in the events.

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