With funeral march they demand an end to femicides in Oaxaca

Oaxaca, Oax.- The Feminicidal violence in Oaxaca lives a moment of high impunity who cannot wait for a date to demand justice.

Due to the above, groups, women and family members who are victims of femicides took to the streets tonight and carried out a funeral march.

on the eve of Day of Non Violence Against Women and six days after the end of the six-year term of PRI member Alejandro Murat Hinojosa, they indicated that more than 700 Oaxacan women were murdered.

Dressed in black, the women They demanded from the Oaxacan State the lack of justice for the femicides, disappearances and violence they experience.

The funeral march began at the Antimonumenta Against Feminicidal Violencewhere they recalled that a year ago it was placed as a symbol to demand justice and that the Murat government has failed women.

“Today we took to the streets to point out impunity and violence, against femicides and disappearances, it has been a year of deaths, disappearances and impunity,” they stated.

Furthermore, women and collective as Oaxaca Consortium Y Ges Woman They recognized that prevention, justice and healing have come from them and for them.

the faces of María del Sol Cruz Jarquín, Claudia Uruchurtu and dozens of murdered women were remembered on the funeral night, in addition to purple crosses carried by their relatives.

Likewise, the traditional funeral music of Oaxaca also accompanied this nocturnal manifestation.

Candles and flowers as a symbol of solidarity accompanied the women and their families tonight.

“This was a six-year term of impunity, more than 700 femicides and zero justice. This is a march to say enough is enough and that the Alert for Gender Violence has been useless, they continue to kill us,” they said.

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