Meyers Mocks 'Crazy Uncle' Mike Lindell for 'Screaming' About Voter Fraud: Ironically Looks Like 'He Hasn't Slept in 5 Years' (Video)

After Mike Lindell — the MyPillow CEO and MAGA loyalist — floated the idea of ​​challenging Ronna McDaniel as head of the Republican National Committee, he double down on the matter in a discussion with fellow conspiracy theorist Steve Bannon on Real America’s Voice, prompting social media users to mock Lindell, the RNC and pro-Trump individuals at large.

In a brief clip from the cable network’s “The War Room,” Lindell claimed he had been doing his “due diligence the past few days,” meeting with big donors and state leaders to discuss the future of the political committee.

“The RNC’s a mess. The donors are upset, they want results,” Lindell said, adding that the RNC has “failed” when looked at “like a business.” “All the people I talked to within the organization are upset, some of them are quitting, some of them are glad they’re termed out. It needs to be fixed.”

It didn’t take long for reactions to pour in on Twitter, from everyday citizens to political analystquien laughed at the the MyPillow guy — currently under FBI investigation for identity theft and for conspiring to damage a protected computer linked to an alleged voting equipment security breach in Colorado — and his propensity for successfully running an organization.

“I don’t trust this !diot to ‘fix’ a cup of coffee,” one user wrotemocking Lindell’s ability to run an organization.

Washington Post columnistPhilip Bump tweeted“Every Republican consultant in America should be rooting for Mike Lindell to be RNC chair, given his demonstrated willingness to throw millions of dollars regardless of rationality.”

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“This was a pillow salesman. Now he wants to be a politician representing all republicans. You ca n’t dream this up, not even by laying on one of his crappy pillows of him,” wrote another.

McDaniel, who has held the leadership position since 2017, announced earlier this month that she has plans to seek another term. Last week, she received endorsements from a majority of RNC voting members, but her bid may be undermined by New York GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin, who said he is “very seriously considering” challenging for the position.

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