AMLO postulates 'Mexican humanism' in his Zócalo report

During his report for the fourth anniversary of his arrival at the Presidency of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador proposed that the political ideology of his administration be qualified with the distinctive “mexican humanism”.

“Feeding on universal ideas, the essence of our project comes from our cultural greatness millenary and of our exceptional and fruitful political history,” explained the president in front of a crowd of supporters who accompanied him at the Plinth From Mexico City.

He explained that the ideological current does not accept “defeatism” and is based on the progress through the social justicediscarding “the technocratic obsession of measuring everything based on growth indicators, which do not necessarily reflect social realities.”

“We believe that what is fundamental is not quantitative but qualitative. That is, the equitable distribution of entry and of the wealthcreate the conditions so that people can live happily”, he declared.

In this sense, he reiterated the importance of banishing the corruption of public administration, as well as respect and specific attention to the most poor of the society.

The goal is “to achieve the ideal of living in a better, more just and egalitarian society,” he said, specifying that it will not be the elites who monopolize this attribution, but rather the population itself.

For this reason, he quoted the outstanding phrase of Ricardo Flores Magón: “only the people can save the people”.

At the end of the march for the four years of his government, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorbegan his report clarifying that he will not seek re-election, since he follows Francisco I. Madero’s political ideology of non-reelection.

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The president reiterated his position in response to the clamor of various participants in the mobilization who were crying out for his re-election.

Before beginning his report, the President said he was satisfied that most of the people who they marched they are youngfor which he considered that a “generational change” has been achieved.

He also dedicated the mobilization to the precursors of the movement he leads. “To those people, women, men, who closed their eyes but remain awake and must be very happy.”

The economy was the first issue addressed by President López Obrador, reporting the increase to minimum salary from 88 pesos at the beginning of his administration, to 172 pesos, that is, an increase of 62 percent in real terms.

“The economy, this year, will increase by 3.5% and that same percentage, I estimate, at least for 2023 and 2024,” said the president during a speech for his fourth year of term.

He said that despite the pandemicthe economy It has been able to grow, as well as the reserves of Banco de México, without contracting new debts or additional ones that already existed.

Do you remember what the recipe was like? Every time there was a crisis was hired debt to rescue those at the top?” he said.

“To hell with all that!” He stressed emphatically.

He ensured that the financial stability of the public estate It has been achieved by charging taxes to large companies and banks, as well as fighting the corruption and the ‘huachicol‘, with austerity measures.

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“The austerity It is not an administrative matter, but one of principles, that is why in our government there are no luxuries or waste”, he affirmed.

He also emphasized that he has fulfilled his commitment not to increase taxes or fuel prices and the gasolinewhile defending the subsidy policy in this area as a strategy to control inflation.

Refineries and infrastructure

López Obrador highlighted that his administration increased the budget for public investment in infrastructure.

He highlighted the purchase of the refinery Deer Park in Texas, which, with the profits of only one year, has already paid for the investment made, which contributes to its objective of achieving the energy self-sustainability.

On the construction of the Olmeca refinery in two mouthsTabasco, affirmed that it will soon begin to operate.

“That our adversaries and conservatives don’t get anxious, it’s going to start producing gasoline and diesel,” he stressed.

He reported that, so far in his administration, the Federal electricity commission has invested 9.3 billion dollars to increase its installed capacity and modernize 38 power generation projects clean energies.

In this area, he stressed that next year the CFE will finish installing fiber optic lines and enough antennas to guarantee the Internet access in 70 percent of the national territory.

AMLO thanks the Armed Forces

During his report, López Obrador also highlighted the work of the Mexican Armed Forces, and highlighted the importance of incorporating the National Guard into the Secretary of National Defense.

“It’s about the National Guard to consolidate and maintain its discipline and professionalism, and, above all, that it not be corrupted as it happened with the old Federal Police”, defended the president.

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Although he recognized that chemical drugs, especially methamphetamines, continue to enter the country through Mexican ports, particularly those in the Pacific, he affirmed that “the Marine Secretary”.

We are not going to fight with the United States

The president assured that neither he nor his government are going to fight with federal or local officials in the United States, but he demanded respect for the 40 million mexicans who live north of the border.

He added that during his administration “historic levels of foreign investment”, achieving this year an injection of 32 thousand 147 million dollars, which is equivalent to an increase of 27 percent, compared to the same period last year.

He stressed that our country continues to be the first commercial partner of the United States. “It is evident that, with the american governmentwe are working together,” he said, describing the bilateral relationship as “brotherhood and good neighborliness.”

He also stressed that a good relationship is maintained with the rest of the nations of the American continent, and he sent a special greeting to the president-elect of Brazil, Luiz Inácio ‘Lula’ da Silva.

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