March in favor of AMLO in Oaxaca

Oaxaca, Oax.- Around one hundred people, members of various Oaxacan organizations, marched through the main streets of the capital and held a rally in front of the zócalo in support of the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

With banners in hand and flags that said “Oaxaca supports and supports you”, “We are all AMLO”, “We support you López Obrador”, “You are not alone”women and men, mostly dressed in cherry color, demonstrated their support through the main streets of the city.

Upon reaching the esplanade of the zócalo, they held a rally, where they pointed out that today they took to the streets again to celebrate the triumph of the people of Mexico in 2018, with massive and organized participation.

Groups such as the 2 de Marzo university collective and the Oaxaca Regeneration Assembly recognized that thanks to López Obrador benefits have come to the communities, proof of this, they said, are the roads.

Liliana Tejeda, from the Oaxaca regeneration assembly, listed the support that López Obrador has left in these 4 years of his government.

“It is good that those who kept the people sunk in poverty and total oblivion have already left, because they massacred, disappeared and deprived of health, with the arrival of Obrador as president of Mexico we see a respite for the people who were about to of a social revolt, but it did not happen like that”.

He considered that despite the media beating carried out by the “in front”, referring to other political parties and groups, López Obrador said: “he has been and is the best president our country has ever had.”

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Finally, he mentioned that despite all the bad things they say, they took to the streets to reaffirm their belief that the best project has been the Fourth Transformation.

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