Riots in Brussels after game between Belgium and Morocco

Dozens of people provoked riots this Sunday in the center of Brussels and in some Belgian and Dutch cities after the World Cup match between Qatar to Belgium with Morocco. They caused damage to vehicles and street furniture, forcing the police to intervene.

Brussels City Mayor Philip Close condemned the incidents and ordered “police to proceed with administrative arrests of rioters,” he wrote on Twitter.

Finally, the police made a dozen administrative arrests and one judicial one after the riots that shook the center of Brussels, according to the police, who do not rule out more arrests once all the security cameras in the center and other neighborhoods in which they have been checked are reviewed. also occurred unrestsuch as Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Schaerbeek and Anderlecht.

The incidents in the Belgian capital began in the middle of the second half, when some 150 young people gathered in the center set fire to a container and they launched firecrackers and fireworks, after which they began to beat the vehicles parked in the area, according to the Belgian public television RTBF.

The images broadcast by the local media showed several fans destroying a car, some carrying the Moroccan flag, the winner of the match, as well as burning scooters.

“There has been the use of pyrotechnic material, the launching of projectiles, the use of sticks, a fire on public roads (…) the destruction of a traffic light and a vehicle with its occupant has been surrounded,” the spokeswoman for the agency explained to the Belgian agency. downtown district police officer, Ilse Van de Keere, who added that a journalist has been injured in the incidents.

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These disturbances led to the intervention of a hundred policemen, who used tear gas and two water cannons.

In addition, they forced the closure of several metro stations and cut some streets to circulation, and impacted public transport.

The police had made a wide deployment in Brussels on the occasion of the match, which ended with a 2-0 in favor of the Moroccan teamsince in 2017 there had been major riots after Morocco qualified for the World Cup, which resulted in 22 injuries.

A dozen arrests were also made in Antwerp on Sunday, according to police in the Belgian port city, who had to use fire trucks at various locations and disrupt traffic in the bustling Borgerhout neighborhood.

In Liège, half a hundred people attacked a police station and broke windows and they damaged the lights of the service vehicles, while other fans caused damage to street furniture or vandalized some night service stores.

Incidents also occurred in several Dutch cities after Morocco’s victory over Belgium in the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar.

Mobile police units charged the rioters in the center of Rotterdam, where 500 people had gathered, who fireworks and bottles were thrown at the agentsaccording to the police.

Riot officers also intervened tonight in The Hague to contain the riots, while around 500 people gathered in Amsterdam, lighting small fires and setting off fireworks.

There were also some rallies of fans in Utrecht and Amersfoort, who lit some small fires and set off fireworks in a festive atmosphere, although in the second town a motorbike was set on fire, according to police.

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