Arturo Martínez, the voice of Dr. Simi, died

Arturo Martínez Aviña, who was behind the voice and design of the character of Doctor Simi, has passed away.

His voice appeared in commercials and in the productions of pharmacies on social networks and for conventional media.

In one of the promotionals for the pharmacy, Martínez Aviña said that the character was progressing from the original design, as a connection with children was discovered.

In a capsule, he said that his main task in the company was to provide his voice for the character.

I have been fond of Doctor Simi since the first mention.

In the material, he said that he preferred to be behind the scenes, since the character already had a particular identity.

In the material it was highlighted that the character surpassed Víctor González Torres in fame and knowledge, the businessman who has his alter ego at Dr Simi.

The productions of the pharmacies confirmed that the death occurred on November 24.

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