'Carrying march' is to hide government failure: Cortés

The national leader of the PAN, Marko Cortés, described the mobilization called by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador for the four years of government as “the march of clientelist transport”, and said that it seeks to hide the growing problems of the country, such as violence, the increase in poverty and the lack of jobs well paid.

He assured that, on the eve of the start of the fifth year of his government, López Obrador has no results to highlight. For that reason, carries to the beneficiaries of patronage programs, “to avoid feeling alone in the face of the resounding failure of their government.”

He pointed out that even when the president dismissed, underestimated and mocked the mobilization of society in defense of the INE, “it was clear that he was deeply hurt by the strong message of the people and instead of getting to work to give resultsbegan to organize the march that will have hauled, threatened and paid by the governments of Brunette”.

Cortés insisted that the march on Sunday was intended to “hide that Mexico today has four million new poorthat there’s not medicines in public hospitals, that there are no vaccines for newborns”, among other things.

The PAN leader also assured that, currently in Mexico, 61 percent of the population suffers from food poverty, the deficit of jobs increased 5 million in 4 years, and that “the few jobs that have been created are minimum wage.”

He also considered that the violence continues unstoppable, and that this six-year term is the bloodiest in modern history, since drug cartels receive hugs while generating terror and dominating more and more territory.

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Finally, Marko Cortés said that, at the time, López Obrador “should report how much money all the president’s useless whims have cost us: such as the consultation on the trial of the former presidents, the revocation of the mandate and now the hauling of patronage for the EgoMarch”.


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