Couple arrested in Rome for enslaving 14-year-old daughter

A couple was arrested in Rome accused of enslaving and inflicting serious bodily harm on their 14-year-old daughter, who was forced for years, with physical violence, to doing housework and begging near a supermarket.

The parents, of Bosnian nationality, are also suspected of arrange the marriage of the young woman with a stranger in exchange for money, despite the refusal of the girl, who recounted what happened to the investigators after appearing at a police station last October, according to local media.

The minor, who tried to commit suicide several times, was then transferred to a center for the protection of minors, where she still remains, while this Sunday the 41-year-old father was arrested and the 36-year-old mother was placed under house arrest.

Photo: FB Carabinieri Italy

According to the investigating judge in Rome handling the case, it is about “violent and prevaricating personalities, determined to obtain economic sources for the satisfaction of their personal needs from the begging of their daughter”.

The purpose of the violent attacks was “keep her in a state of submission to exploit her begging”, wrote the magistrate in the order that ordered the precautionary measures.

And “in the face of the minor’s confidences with the teachers, far from showing signs of resilience, they did not hesitate to hit her with the obvious objective of avoiding the intervention of social services and the police”, added the judge.

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