'Black Adam'

Dwayne Johnson continues to celebrate the success of his new movie for DC, ‘Black Adam’, which, by his own claim, is number 1 on iTunes. Recently, the actor uploaded a video through his Twitter account where he talked about various aspects of his new feature film, as well as commenting on interesting details about Henry Cavill’s cameo as Superman. According to the ‘Fast & Furious’ saga actor, Warner Bros. did not intend to bring Cavill back in his role as Clark Kent.

Through this video, Johnson explains that he wants his character, Black Adam, to establish itself “as the most powerful and unstoppable force in the DC universe”. And, for this, the actor has said that they need Cavill. “We have to bring back the most powerful and unstoppable force of all time, in any universe. Do you know who I’m talking about guys? Of course, that’s Superman. And that’s Henry Cavill”Johnson explained.

Additionally, the actor revealed that Warner Bros. “inexplicably and inexcusably” He didn’t want Cavill to return as Superman, but Johnson wasn’t going to give up, he wanted the actor back, so he started working on it with his team. “It’s been years of preparation to bring Henry Cavill back, years of strategic conversations, and we weren’t going to take no for an answer. There was no way, there was no logical, viable way to try to build the DC Universe without the most powerful force and greatest superhero of all time sitting on the sidelines. It’s impossible to do.”

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“The Best Superman”

As Johnson comments in his video, the fans told him that he had to bring Superman back, that he was necessary in the equation, and that is why they fought so much against Warner Bros., “to bring back Superman, Henry Cavill”explained the actor. “And by the way, there was no other Superman to bring back. Henry Cavill is the Superman of our generation and in my opinion the best Superman. And I say that with respect to the other actors, especially Christopher Reeve, but he is the greatest Superman (Cavill) of all time.” reasoned the actor who gives life to Black Adam.

With the return of Cavill in his role as humanity’s most beloved and respected superhero, Johnson said that now they are going to build the DC universe in a way “adequate, strategic and intelligent”. “Again, the hierarchy of power in the DC universe has changed. And, of course, we have new leadership at DC and at Warner Bros. So this is a new era in the DC universe,” concludes a satisfied Johnson.


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