Qatar 2022: "Our mission is to make people happy": Carlos Queiroz |  Video

Carlos Queiroz, portuguese national team Iran, it was applauded by the press on a couple of occasions during his appearance before the media prior to the clash against USA, after his reflections on what is the mission of soccer: “make people happy for ninety minutes”, said.

The Lusitanian coach of the Asian team, hoarding the spotlight during the World Cup for different reasonstried to get away from the latest controversy with which he has been surrounded. He did not want to answer two questions about the criticism his team received from the former German player Jurgen Klinsmann and focused on his next meeting in front of USA.

“Our mission is to create entertainment and make people happy for 90 minutes. I was born in Mozambique and when I used to go to work, you don’t know the effect a ball can have on children who haven’t eaten for a day or two and who don’t have enough to wear. When we stopped the cars and gave them a ball in the park, you can’t imagine the magic of the moment: their sad faces instantly changed into a smile. That is our mission in football, to make people happy”.

Regarding the clash before USAsaid that the meeting will be very special for iran because they have options to qualify for the Round of 16.

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“That is something we are proud of. It is a very special game for us, particularly for me. We have chances to qualify in the last game and that’s something to be proud of. I have no doubt that we will be more consistent and regular and give our best against the United States. It is a very difficult and very well organized team that has the same dream. We will put all our hearts and hope for a good result”.

Regarding the World Cup that Iran has completed, he indicated that for the future, “it will be a good lesson” analyze everything that has happened around his team and assured that in the future they will learn that their “mission” will be to create entertainment and, he insisted, “make people happy”

He also pointed out that in a World Cup the results are “unpredictable” and made it clear that their players have a strong “belief” that they can play a good game against the United States to get past the round.

“You have to create opportunities to achieve it. That is where we have our focus. In that and in playing a good game defensively and with the ball to play and enjoy. That is the goal. To win or not to win depends on God. What is in our control is in our mind, our harmony and our tactics. The United States is a great team, different from other times. They play modern soccer. Its players compete in top teams in Europe. Much respect”.

“We will have a very difficult game. In the end, it’s all about how it ends, not how it started or because of how we were in the middle. We started with a lot of smoke around. Then that smoke is gone. If we win, it will be a great result. We cannot make the mistakes of the first game. We need to be stronger, have a better team and we need to be the best on the pitch to continue in the competition”, he concluded.

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(With information from EFE)

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