This is the Netflix series that freaks out Martin Scorsese

    Not long ago we learned that Martin Scorsese was working on a series of Gangs of New York, so it’s no surprise that the Italian-American filmmaker is glued to the small screen these days. As dangerous a commentator as there are – there are those who believe that his controversial statements about Marvel are what has led the UCM to a time of failure from which it does not seem to come back – the spectator Scorsese also has good words for those contents that click on him. This is what seems to have happened to the director of goodfellas with a Netflix series that he declared he had seen recently. By his tone and her gestures, everything indicates that she has blown him away.

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      The success of Derry Girls it has always been rather restrained. The series triumphs among its audience, but it seems that it is difficult for it to break out of its circle of already convinced fans to reach new audience segments. After concluding in April 2022 with its third season and already relegated to the position of a catalog jewel, this recent and unexpected boost is sure to come in handy for the series: in a talk held during the last annual dinner of the Economic Club of Chicago , Martin Scorsese revealed that he had been watching Derry Girls. If you review the video of the moment (which we have left you above), you will see that, although you have to read a little between the lines, it is not very difficult to decipher from Scorsese’s body language that the director has been captivated by the series.

      The gala took place last month, but the clip had not seen the light until now. After being asked what he had been seeing lately, Scorsese declared doubtfully: “The other night I saw…Derry Girls?”. Although the filmmaker didn’t even seem quite sure he had pronounced the series’ name correctly, the audience at the event immediately erupted in applause. Pushed by the euphoric response of the attendees, Scorsese raised his fist and added smiling: “Those nuns…” The creator of Derry GirlsLisa McGee, can already count Martin Scorsese among the fans of his work.

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        Derry Girls is a youth comedy broadcast by the British Channel 4 between 2018 and 2022. Throughout its three seasons —the last one, bitterly delayed due to the COVID-19 emergency—, the series recounts the adolescence of five girls from a Catholic school in the Northern Irish city of Derry, very close to the border with the Republic of the South, in the nineties. With the Troubles as a historical framework, McGee rewrites her own childhood and youth on the spot, traversed by the tragedies of the Irish conflict and the first steps of the peace process. After the series became a hit on the British channel, Netflix acquired the rights to broadcast Derry Girls all over the world. The series also returned to the forefront of music platforms the work of the Irish band The Cranberries, whose vocalist, Dolores O’Riordan, died just a few days after the premiere of the first season of the show.

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