Yeni Pérez will be the first woman to lead section 22 of the CNTE in Oaxaca

The Ayuuk (Mixe) indigenous teacher Yeni Araceli Pérez Martínez was elected this Sunday as the new general secretary of section 22 of the CNTEafter almost 7 days of the congress for the renewal of this leadership.

The teacher, who works in the Los Valles Centrales sector, is the first woman to become a leader of this Oaxacan teachers’ movement after 40 years of struggle, one of the largest in the country.

The triumph of Yeni Araceli Pérez emerged with 341 votes; Thus, Professor Crisóforo César García Zurita from the Tehuantepec Isthmus region will be in the Organization Secretariat, while Noelia Velásquez Ruiz from the Oaxaca coast will be in charge of the Finance Secretariat.

Although section 22 had a pause in its struggles during the mandate of Alejandro Murat Hinojosa, it is expected that with this new leadership, represented by a woman, actions can be resumed for this teachers’ union.

The new leader of section 22 expressed that she will fight to vindicate the movement and that she will not disappoint her colleagues.

We will fight for our labor rights shoulder to shoulder, above all for personal interests, I appreciate the vote of confidence, and section 22 is unity, without union charrismo.

On social networks, teachers from this organization applauded and celebrated the assignment and said that it is time for women, for a woman to direct the Oaxaca’s largest teachers’ organization.

The rest of the structure of section 22 was made up as follows: Alexis Emmanuel Urieta in the Escalafón area; Wakfred Pacheco Santiago in the Mayor’s Office, Gaspar Villalobos López in the Records Secretariat, Rafael Sánchez Sánchez in Legal Affairs; Crispín Hernández Hernández in the Payments area.

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There will also be Elizabeth Castillo Pérez in Peteo; Emiliano Gaspar Hernández in the Alliance and Social Management area, Aldrín Marin González in the Ministry of Culture and Recreation; Eutiquio Ruiz in the Technical Secretariat, María de Lourdes in the Political and Ideological Secretariat; in Pensions and Retirements, Elfego Abraham.

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