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“It transcended, in the Millennium

That today the Chamber of Deputies will become the location of a film whose end has been known for weeks: the debate on the electoral reform, which concludes with the rejection of the opposition. For this reason, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the Morena benches in Congress have outlined a plan B that aims to reduce the number of legislators so that democracy “costs less”, in addition to electing councilors and electoral magistrates by popular vote. , although the issue will surely end up in court. For now, groups and organizations will appear in San Lázaro to remind the PAN, PRI and PRD of their commitment to vote against.

“Templo Mayor” in Reforma

BUT what a desire to fight! Although he knows that what he is proposing is unconstitutional and, above all, that he does not have the necessary votes to move it forward, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador insisted and today it will be taken to the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies his misnamed electoral reform.

THE President HIMSELF is clear that there is no way for him to move his initiative, because even his drainers from PT and of the Green party they reject it. If yesterday they supported her in commissions, it is because they know that it will not happen in plenary, otherwise they would say yes to her!

“Under Reserve” at El Universal

Yesterday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that he will dedicate himself to caring for unity within Morena in the face of the election of his presidential candidate. The president called on the “corcholatas” that are not winners to act responsibly: no “I did not go out, there is no democracy in Morena” because people will tell them “have a good time, continue on your way” because it is not only about candidates, is the project. They make us see that the President’s call for unity was urgent, because under the table the kicks between bottle caps are stronger and more dense every day. On the other hand, a question arises: Could it be that the president is seeing that one of the corcholatas is close to saying that there is no democracy in Morena and that he wants to continue his path to the Presidency with other partisan colors?

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“Political Fronts” in Excelsior legacy. Once the march in celebration of the four years of the Fourth Transformation was successfully concluded, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced the establishment of a new term. “Among other things, I proposed to baptize our form of government as Mexican Humanism. I briefly explained some fundamentals and little by little we will define them together because we need to inherit our own theory, ”he wrote. Opportune moment when 70% of the six-year term approaches. The presidential proposal is very successful. The people of Mexico need a new identity and this will be based on their new history, their own philosophy. This will be the inheritance of the transformation.

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