Today or tomorrow, a new date for the Pacific Alliance: Ebrard

The Mexican foreign minister Marcelo Ebrardsaid on Monday that the date for holding the presidential summit of the Pacific Alliance that will take place in the city of Limacapital of Peru, will be known this Tuesday or Wednesday after the meeting between the presidents of Chile, Gabriel Boric, and Peru, Pedro Castillo.

The summit will take place in Lima after being suspended last week in Mexico, after the Peruvian Congress denied authorization to President Castillo to attend the meeting in Cmexico city.

“It’s an agenda item, we will know tomorrow, or on Wednesday, what day the summit will take place in Lima,” Ebrard told the media after a meeting at the National Palace between representatives of Mexico and the US on Monday.

The foreign minister said that when the president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, was in Mexico, “he told the president (López Obrador) that he was going to see president Pedro Castillo, and that he was going to see him tomorrow because they did give him permission to go to Santiago From Chile”.

“So tomorrow they are going to interview and what the president (López Obrado) asked Boric was “also ask him if we invite the president (Gustavo) Petro,” Ebrard said.

At the beginning of last week, President López Obrador announced the postponement of the presidential summit of the Pacific alliancea mechanism formed by Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru and to which Ecuador and Costa Rica aspired to join in that meeting.

The Mexican president recalled on that occasion that Peru would be the presidency (of the organization), here (Castillo) was going to receive it, and they were exploring the possibility of holding an act in Peru.

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Later, on Thursday, Ebrard confirmed, after the meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Pacific Alliance held in Mexico City, that the summit would take place in Lima and they were waiting for the date.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed on Tuesday, November 22, that the Pacific Alliance summit in the country was suspended due to the refusal of the Peruvian Congress to allow President Pedro Castillo to attend.

“The meeting of the Pacific Alliance was suspended because the president of Peru was not allowed to attend and he is the presidency (of the organization), he was going to receive it here, and we are exploring the possibility of holding an act in Peru,” he declared. López Obrador in his daily press conference.

Despite the suspension of the summit, the Mexican president received the other member presidents of the Alliance, such as the Chilean Gabriel Boric, and the Colombian Gustavo Petro.

(With information from EFE and Aristegui News)

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