Berklee faculty members sharing their thoughts on the balance between musicianship and music technology

Donner, leading manufacturer of innovative and feature-rich musical instruments, hosted an afternoon-long event in Boston on Nov. 17 that featured a concert and symposium on Musicianship & Technology with Berklee College of Music faculty.

The free, pop-up event started with a concert/jam session before heading into a symposium on Musicianship & Technology, featuring several Berklee School of Music faculty, including drummer Mark Walker, bassist Oscar Stagnaro, pianist Nando Michelin, multi-instrumentalist Yuki Kanesaka , producer John Escobar and guitarist Claudio Ragazzi.

Followed by the symposium, Nevin Domer, Donner Branding Representative and founder of Genjing Records’ also gave a presentation about why Donner had chosen to partner with Berklee from previous online courses to this symposium at Berklee School of Music.

“It was inspiring to see the Berklee students playing our instruments on stage, trading licks with their professors, and hearing their questions during the Q&A. It’s a long road to mastering an instrument, and musical study is a lifelong journey,” Domer said ”I’m proud Donner can support the education industry and believe our partnership with Berklee School of Music will contribute to the next generation of musical talent. Several students approached me after the event to say thanks for the prizes they had won and the event itself. I believe Donner’s partnership with Berklee can inspire us to discover innovative methods for teaching music, lower the barriers to entry, and provide students with new ways to approach the learning process. ”

Faculty discussed a range of topics, including how they found their love of music, how they incorporate technology into their music creation and the role artificial intelligence could potentially play in music of the future.

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“I oftentimes tell my students that we’re using technology for arts creation, and not for technologies sake,” said Mark Walker, Grammy Award–winning drummer, percussionist during the symposium. “[Technology is] always in service of how can I actually make music with this versus learning the button or the fader.”

The event concluded with a free raffle where attendees could win one of Donner’s latest products, including the DTC-100 electric guitar, DPB-510S bass, DJP-1000 Semi Hollow Jazz Guitar, Starry Series Midi Keyboard and Pad Controller, as well as the brand-new Arena2000 pedal, an affordably priced, high-quality multi-fx processor.

Through its products, which feature several innovative technological advancements, Donner helps musicians develop their own unique musicianship and aids them in the creative process. Partnering with Berklee for this event is just one way that Donner is working to support music education. The company plans to host similar events and make music more accessible to music lovers by continuous exploration in technology in the future.

For more information, visit or Donner’s Amazon storefront here.

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