Kimmel Trashes Herschel Walker's Runoff Campaign: Spent More Time With Ted Cruz 'Than He Spent With All His Children' (Video)

Herschel Walker was shown some rare compassion in the “Morning Joe” studio Wednesday, as MSNBC contributors discussed the Republican politician’s residency status in Georgia as he runs to represent the state in the Senate.

According to reporting by the Daily BeastWalker’s financial disclosure forms show that his wife collected tens of thousands of rental income from its residents from 2020-2021, indicating that Walker hasn’t used his Georgia home for anything but a “passive cash stream.”

Instead, Walker has a home in the Dallas area that he’s lived in for years and is even getting a $15 million tax break in 2022 on his $3 million Texas home, further indicating that this house, rather than his property in Georgia, is his primary residence. In fact, Walker has been conducting some of his campaign events and interviews from his Texas home via Zoom.

“This is all Donald Trump,” host Joe Scarbourough said, referring to the former president urging his followers to vote for various candidates, including Walker, Blake Masters and Dr. Oz. Here you have [it] again, Herschel Walker in Georgia from Texas, replaying the Dr. Oz game plan.”

However, though this could hurt Walker’s credibility, he’s not breaking the law, as the Constitution states that senators must reside in the state they represent after they’ve been elected.

MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle said this was “a very sad story,” as Walker has essentially been treated as a pawn by the political process.

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“[Walker] has many challenges—verbal challenges, mental challenges, challenges visible to anyone who sees him or watches him perform on a stage,” Barnicle said. “This man has been both used and abused by a political process that doesn’t care one whit about him as a human being, and that’s a really tragic story that we’re watching here.”

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The Georgia runoff election is just six days away, and the state has reached record early voting numbers, as Walker’s reputation has been tarnished by this recent news.

“A lot of Republicans who saw his challenges were willing to hold their nose to vote for him if it meant the Senate majority,” said MSNBC contributor Jonathan Lemire. “That is now gone.”

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The Georgia Senate runoff election will take place Dec. 6, 2022.

Watch the full segment here or in the embed above.

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