Nicaragua prohibits EFE journalist from returning to his own country

The Nicaraguan authorities have banned the journalist from the EFE AgencyLuis Felipe Palacios, when he was preparing to return to the Central American nation after a business trip in Panama.

Palacios, who began working at EFE in 2006 and was appointed agency delegate in Nicaragua In 2011, he was unable to board the direct flight on which he was going to return to his country on November 21 in Miami, United States, because, according to what the airline told him, the Nicaraguan authorities had denied him entry.

“We share that the application for admission has not been authorized by the authorities of Migration and Immigration of Nicaragua. You will not be allowed to board,” according to the email sent to the EFE delegate in Nicaragua by the Avianca airline.

The journalist44, had attended the commemorative events in Panama for the 50th anniversary of EFE’s presence in Central Americain which the president of the agency, Gabriela Cañas, participated, as well as the rest of the delegates of the media in the Central American countries and other senior managers.

Louis Philippe Palacioswho before joining EFE worked between 2002 and 2006 in the newspaper La Prensa, has covered for the agency the most important events that have occurred in Nicaragua in recent decades, such as the crisis that the country is experiencing after the 2018 protests, presidential summits or natural catastrophes, including the passage of Hurricane “Felix” in 2007.

The EFE delegate has also followed other informative matters, such as the granting of asylum to members of the FARC or the break in relations with Colombia due to an attack on Ecuadorian territory or the crisis with Honduras after the coup against Manuel Zelaya in 2009.

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With a degree in Social Communication, specializing in written press, Luis Felipe Palacios is a multimedia journalist who has also covered poetry festivals or interviewed artists, singers or writers. (EFE)

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