Qatar 2022 |  We leave sad and with our heads held high: 'Memo' Ochoa

The goalkeeper of the Mexican team, Guillermo ‘Memo’ Ochoa, affirmed that he is leaving this World Cup “sad, but proud and with his head held high”.

“I am obviously sad, but proud of my teammates, of the group. We leave with our heads held high. I told them to be proud of what they had done, that they raise their heads, that from the outset not everyone can experience a World Cup. We are lucky and privileged, ”explained ‘Memo’ Ochoa, who lived through his fifth World Cup.

Many things can happen in football. Today’s game was well played and well competed, that of Poland the same and that of Argentina. Did we have bad luck? I would tell you that luck doesn’t play a role, but what made it difficult for us was Poland’s second goal against Arabia and the second one scored against us by Argentina. Small details that change your course.

“It was what we had talked about before the game, that whatever happened we were going to give everything and fight until the end for our country, for Mexico. In my opinion I feel that the team competed in every game. In the match against Poland we competed very well, in the match against Argentina.

“I know what many say about the approach, but the approach was good, because if we had scored 0-0 they would tell us that it was very good, and a genius changed the script for us, a genius from Messi, on top of that. Today he gave himself up, ran, scored, I feel we could have scored more goals. We weren’t fine, you were offside, and it’s a pity. The team fell apart.”

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On the advance of Mexico as a team, with the 2026 World Cup on the horizon, ‘Memo’ Ochoa said that this should not be judged by a result.

“It would be a mistake to say that the cycle is over and start from scratch. We shouldn’t. There are youngsters who have gained experience, who played in their first World Cup, we have to maintain it and guide them for the next one, which is not going to be easy. There will be no playoffs, only the Gold Cup. It will be difficult. Hopefully the Asian Cup, the Copa América can be played. Playing only friendlies is not going to benefit us”.

Lastly, Ochoa sent a message to the many fans who accompanied Mexico in Qatar.

“We thank the fans, because we wanted to give them joy. Until today they had only celebrated the penalty that I saved. We wanted them to celebrate a goal, because a goal in a World Cup for your country is the most beautiful thing there is”. (EFE)

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