They arrest a subject who murdered a grandfather in Iztapalapa |  Warning: strong images

On Tuesday night, three subjects tried to assault a family that was driving in a car on Eje 3 and Apatlaco, in the Iztapalapa mayor’s office, Mexico City. During the robbery, one of the alleged criminals Shooting against a adult of approximately 63 yearstaking his life.

According to the testimony of one of the passengers, the family came from the Mexico City International Airport after exchanging currency. As they headed home, the subjects intercepted the vehicle, demanding they hand over the money. After resisting the robbery, one of the men shot the driver.

The moment of the murder was caught on camera by a motorist. In the images, the group of three men can be seen assaulting the passengers of the car. Subsequently, two of the alleged criminals fleewhile another remains outside the car, apparently trying to consummate the robbery.

suddenly, a shot is heard and the screams of the women who accompanied the adult elderly. Later, the video captures the subject who shot joining the escape of his two companions. Behind the three, a single policeman chases them.

The images advance until showing the victim lying on the asphaltat the same time that three women try to help him

Warning: Strong images, discretion advised

They arrest the alleged murderer

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In the early hours of this Wednesday, the Secretary of Citizen Security of Mexico City, Omar García Harfuch, informed of the detention of the alleged assailant and murderer.

According to Harfuch, the C5 in Mexico City informed the Security Secretariat of the incident. In this way, they achieved detention of the aggressor who deprived the life of the elderly.

Local authorities and paramedics arrived at the homicide area, who were called by pedestrians and drivers who They stopped to help.

Then, experts from the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office went to the area to make the lifting of the body.

(Reporting by Brandon Celaya)

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