Where Netflix's 'Wednesday' was recorded: the locations

Our new TV obsession has black hair, very white skin, a killer mentality, and a day of the week name. ‘Wednesday’the series adapted by Tim Burton inspired by The Addams Family, has reached the top of the most watched content on Netflix and every detail about it interests us.

The shadow of doubt hangs over us as to whether there will be a season 2 of ‘Wednesday’ or not. We know how to do the scenes with Thing, the most ‘creepy’ hand on television, and even the acting technique of not blinking that Jenna Ortega performs during her interpretations as the protagonist of the fiction. So we just needed to know where ‘Wednesday’ was recorded, and it turns out that almost all locations are real.

Go looking for a flight to Romania, because the country is the center of the incredible places that we have seen in the series. Both the mysterious forests and the scary palaces. The nation with its capital in Bucharest is known for its Gothic-style castles and considered the birthplace of Count Dracula. There lies the region of Transylvania!

The locations of ‘Wednesday’

Netflix Romania has created the perfect travel guide, starting with nevermore collegethe place where Wednesday spends the most time. It is the Castle of Cantuzino, located in Bușteni, Zamora district, considered one of the most interesting monuments in Romania. It is a neo-Roman fortress from the year 1911. All the exterior scenes are recorded around this building, although they did use special effects in some areas such as the roof. The best? Can visit!

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For shooting indoors, they went to Bucharest and Casa Monteoru. It is a historical palace built in 1874 and located in one of the most important arteries of the Romanian capital. An essential stop on your future getaway to the city! Like the Botanical Garden, which is the Nevermore greenhouse, or the Polytechnic University, the school from which Wednesday is expelled for throwing piranhas into the pool. Ahem, little things that happen, right?


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