Blue Samurai celebrated and then cleaned the stadium

Fans from Japan celebrated at the top of their lungs the victory of their team against Spain, which left the German team eliminated from the World Cup.

Fans and team celebrated the magnificent result with euphoria (it seemed that they had won the championship, said one commentator).

However, before leaving the stadium, the Japanese made a cultural gesture.

In various areas, men and women wearing Japanese T-shirts took bags and began to collect trash.

Here the images of Jennifer Lorenzini and Susana Vera from the Reuters agency.

The images are not new. In massive international events, such as the Olympic or World Games, Japanese can be seen cleaning public spaces.

An article from the BBC indicates that this is inculcated in all schools, since students have to clean all spaces.

The practice is known as o-soji and there are even contests to see who cleans the most or picks up the most rubbish.

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