By law, IMSS and ISSSTE must improve patient treatment

The Chamber of Deputies approved that the workers of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE)) are obliged to attend “with kindness, efficiency and dignity”, in the face of multiple complaints of medical abuse and neglect brought against the agencies.

By unanimous vote of 475, legislators approved reforming the Articles 303 of the Social Security Law and 29 of the Law on the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers, in order to ensure dignified and efficient care in both institutions.

The initiative signed by the Morenista deputy, Help Irma Andazola Gomez, refers that despite the fact that there are rules that establish the obligation of public servants to provide quality care, with ethics, warmth, good treatment, equality and without discrimination, there are thousands of complaints against the medical and administrative staff of both the IMSS and from ISSSTE.

According to it, patients from these institutions have been mistreated in different areas, through the delay in care, ignoring their needs or presence, bad answers and scoldingyes, among others.

The opinion indicates that the installed capacity is exceeded both in facilities and in resources, which leads to delays in service, lack of medication, poor care or null. Added to this are cases of mistreatment, discrimination and violation of human rights.

The latter, he points out, materialize in different ways, among which are appearance discrimination, medical malpractice, lack of guidance or channeling for procedures, omission in the supply of medicines, ignore people leaving them even without attention, among others.

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Along with these, it is also reported that, due to errors in the registration of the data of beneficiaries, are denied medical carewithout guiding patients on how to solve them, despite the fact that the problem was caused by bad administrative practices by the workers of the medical centers themselves.

The document bases its statements on the recommendations issued by the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH).

According to the National Human Rights Violation Alert System of the CNDH, the IMSS leads the list of government agencies with the most complaints between January and September 2021, adding a total of thousand 950 on a national scale. This is followed by ISSSTE, with 712.

The Mexico City is the locality with the largest number, accumulating 45.2% of the total. The most recurrent are omitting to supply medicines and providing medical care, with 27% and 26.7%, respectively.

Given this, the opinion proposes to amend the first paragraph of article 303 of the Social Security Law to read as follows:

The public servants of the Institute, are obliged to observe in the fulfillment of their obligations, the principles of responsibility, professional ethics, excellence, honesty, loyalty, impartiality, efficiency, warmth, good treatment and quality in the provision of services and in the attention to the beneficiaries and will be subject to the civil or criminal responsibilities that they may incur as managers of a public service.

During the session in the Chamber of Deputies, legislator Socorro Irma Andazola Gómez reiterated that both the IMSS and ISSSTE have codes of conduct and ethics that provide for the obligation of medical personnel to provide adequate and quality care.

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“However, for years the majority of the testimonies were of mistreatment and lack of quality in the services. Hence the complaints of malpractice ”, he denounced.

For this reason, he considered the proposed reform essential to provide dignified treatment to patients who attend both institutions.

“If the right to health services is not guaranteed, it is impossible to guarantee the exercise of other rights,” he stressed.

For her part, the president of the Social Security Commission, Angelica Ivonne Cisneros Lujanexplained that the purpose of the opinion is to strengthen the training processes.

The reforms were sent to the Senate of the Republic.

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