Cameras captured the moment when Fredy's uncles left the boy's body

Security cameras from the Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s office, in Mexico City, captured the moment when Fredy’s uncles they carried the body of the child eight years old to throw it in an alley near his home. The death of the minor was reported on Wednesday, November 23.

According to the N+ media, owned by Televisa, Fredy would have been beaten to death by his cousin Abelardo, 17, who did not accept that the child was going to live in his house or having to share his room with him.

The images broadcast by the N+ medium show how Flor, Fredy’s aunt, leaves the house where the infant had come to live a month ago. Moments later she looks at rogelioaunt’s boyfriend, load the body of the child under eight years old wrapped in a white sheet.

At the end of the video you can see how the guys leave Fredy’s body in a alley.

Warning: strong images, discretion is advised

On November 26, a specialized judge determined the link to the minor’s process Abelardo “N” for his alleged involvement in the murder of his cousin Fredy, an eight-year-old boy.

After presenting the Public Prosecutor’s Office the evidence regarding the probable participation of the adolescent in the events, the judge specializing in justice for minors decided the link to process and the internment of the minor.

On November 25, detectives from the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office arrested Fredy’s cousin, after learning of his alleged participation in the murder of the minor, who He was admitted to the Cuautepec Maternal and Child Hospital without vital signs.

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Fredy’s uncles are linked to the process

This Wednesday, the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJCDMX) reported that a control judge linked the process to Flor ‘N’ and Rogelio ‘N’ for the possible commission of the crime of qualified homicide of his nephew Fredy, whose death was reported on November 23 at the Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s office.

According to journalistic versions, the minor presented hits in head, body, bruises Y Burnsafter being transferred to the hospital.

Originally, Fredy’s aunt reported that the boy had left the house. Later, she said that found his nephew lyingseriously injured, with strong blows to the head, bruises and burns on the body, for which he was transferred to the Cuautepec Maternity Hospital.

Neighbors in the area told Televisa that Fredy’s uncles had moved to the area two months ago, during which time they witnessed how the minor was a victim of abuse and domestic violence.

According to a testimony, the aunt treated the minor and her own children “With blows, I did not feed them, she went to work with her husband and did not feed them”.

(With information from Brandon Celaya and Aristegui News)

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