They tell us that inside the legislative precinct of San Lázaro a battle with a clean knife is coming;  and more |  Political Columns 08/18/2022

“It transcended, in the Millennium

That Given the commotion caused by the revelation of MILENIO about the legal status in the United States of Édgar Valdez Villarreal, La Barbie, the Attorney General of the Republic, headed by Alejandro Gertz Manero, is preparing a series of investigations to request the government of that country the delivery of the former head of hit men from the Sinaloa and Beltrán Leyva cartels. They say that the documentation continues to be gathered, regardless of the efforts made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and whether or not the capo detained in Mexico in 2010 is free.

“Templo Mayor” in Reforma

FOUR YEARS of the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and the balance is chiaroscuro. Obviously not everything is bad, but neither is it the idyllic country that the President boasts.

HE CAME to power driven by a genuine citizen demand to put an end to corruption. The result: his government is the most opaque, the one that spends the most without supervision and the one that reports the least results. Giving a monologue every day -presented as a press conference- is not transparency, it is propaganda.

“Under Reserve” at El Universal

They tell us that Morena went from threats to start the judicial system, to handouts to seek support for her political-electoral reform. Inside the PRI they comment that the pressures that served to promote the initiative that extended the authorization for the Armed Forces to remain in public security work until 2028, no longer served on the electoral issue, so now it has reached the office of the PRI. tricolor a new offer: electoral advisors at the National Electoral Institute, in exchange for support for the President’s reform. So far, the opposition has been adamant that it will vote against the initiative, with the PRI even sponsoring radio ads saying it will not vote for the “destructive” government reform. We’ll see next week if the PRI can withstand the cannon shot that Morena sends it.

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“Political Fronts” in Excelsior

1.Task accomplished. After the dismantling of a criminal cell from the Tepito Union, Omar Garcia Harfuch, Secretary of Citizen Security of Mexico City, reported that this group was in charge of recruiting young hit men from the capital to send them to Cancun and Playa del Carmen. SSC agents managed to arrest nine subjects who are accused of selling drugs and extorting merchants in the center of CDMX, especially in the Venustiano Carranza and Cuauhtémoc mayor’s offices. Garcia Harfuch He pointed out that the criminal group had ties to a criminal gang in Quintana Roo. There are those who call him super police and, although they exaggerate, he has earned it.

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