Migrant crosses the Spanish border paragliding |  Video

A migrant managed to access Melilla, a Spanish city in North Africa, this Thursday, flying a paraglider to overcome the six meters of the border fence that separates Spain from Moroccoan unusual form of irregular entry into the territory of the European Union.

Spanish government sources in Melilla reported that two citizens who were driving along the road that runs next to the fence witnessed the entry of the paraglider and called the Civil Guardwho went to the place, but without having managed to locate the immigrant.

the flight in paragliding It is a novel way to enter irregularly in Melillawhich together with Ceutaanother Spanish city on the border with Morocco, represent the only land borders of the European Union in Africawith strong migratory pressure, especially from sub-Saharans and North Africans.

The most common method is usually the double jump border fencein which at least 23 died last June migrants in some facts under judicial investigation in Spain, claimed by organizations such as the United Nations and the European Commission to determine if there was excessive use of force on both sides of the border to prevent their entry. (EFE)


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