Pantera wanders loose through the Tacuba Metro |  Video

“That’s not a cat”the man is heard saying that from behind a fence he tries to capture the image of a black cat on Thursday afternoon.

According to reports, it is a panther that on December 1 she was seen while wandering around the whereabouts of the Metro Tacuba in Mexico City.

In the video that circulates on social networks, it is possible to observe a feline, black, walk on tin roofs from what appear to be street stalls.

Firefighters and police from Mexico City mobilized to that area of ​​the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office and began an operation to track down the supposed feline.

In accordance with Millennium, several people approached the animal, which caused the cat to flee and enter the school high school number 11, Joaquín Baranda.

So far, no authority has given an official report on the cat. There is also no report on whether the animal has already been located.

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