Sheinbaum premieres song with the rhythm of 'Ya supérame' by Grupo Firme

To the rhythm of the iconic song of Firm Group, ‘Get over me’the head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, premiered this Thursday a proselytizing theme that highlights her political achievements towards the presidential elections to be held in 2024.

With the title ‘convince yourself‘, the group song begins by criticizing the previous governments of the PRI and of the BREADaffirming that Morena is the best match, and swearing that “Claudia is going to do well, because women can too.”

Yaaaaaa convince yourself,
that we are going to do very well,
Claudia takes care of her country,
He has always been 100 with people.
Our history has already changed
He has known how to do his work.

The theme song also states that Claudia “is the continuity” and that she “always continues with Andres Manuel”.

“You don’t have to think about it so much, come with Claudia Shein now!” Says the song that has been broadcast on the social networks of support for the presidential aspirations of the head of government.

At the beginning of November, a corrido sinaloense style dedicated to Sheinbaum, which promotes the image of the capital’s president and her management as head of government.

He stated that the spread of songs and music videos that promote his image cannot be considered as advance campaign messages, because they are part of citizen initiatives of people who “provide support” for him.

“Well, since he President of the Republic opened, uncovered the ‘corcholatas’ there are people who organize themselves, it is not a process that we are leading, because they are not the electoral times, but there are people who organize themselves and provide support; and that obviously is not prohibited and it is good that there is organization, as long as there is unity and strengthening of the process of transformation”, he explained on November 6 during a trip to Sinaloa.

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