Sheraton Hotel closed due to mass poisoning

The Nuevo León Ministry of Health confirmed the closure of the Sheraton Ambassador Hotel, in downtown Monterrey, due to the massive poisoning of at least 200 people.

The people affected attended a wedding over the weekend at its facilities, said the head of the State agency Alma Rosa Marroquín Escamilla.

At a press conference, the official announced that there were various anomalies found in the place, some related to hygiene.

There were different anomalies in terms of health, we do not have the competence to explain them all, the owner will still be able to present the precise information but in health we monitor hygiene issues, tobacco, disease prevention, cooling water quality and others that are found anomalies

The official stressed that sampling was carried out for analysis of surfaces, food and water, which were taken to a laboratory to find out the results.

With the data they will seek to impose sanctions and take the necessary measures to address the outbreak.

Last Saturday a wedding was held with the attendance of 250 people.

Just over 100 guests went after the party to different health centers to attend to their ailments: vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and others.

The couple, Roger Mireles and Mariana Vallealso became ill after the celebration of their union.

The man pointed out that in the analyzes they carried out they found the presence of bacteria and viruses of the species Campylobacter, Noroviruses, Sapoviruses and different types of E.coliwhich could be found in water, mainly.

The Ministry of Health will implement a policy so that sanitary and hygiene measures are complied with in this and other establishments.

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