The big mistake of 'Elite' (according to Netflix itself)

    That we compare our life with the plot of ‘Elite’ when it becomes somewhat dramatic or takes sudden turns of events, it has not been caused by anything other than the scripts of the series themselves. As the basis of the story, we have some students from a posh school, who get involved with each other, go out to party and give us ‘salsazos’ with which to escape our routine. But then we find a series of unanswered deaths or accidents that are repeated every season, almost always with Las Encinas as the center of the case.

    So Netflix has put on the table the biggest unknown that we have all ever wondered: Why don’t they close the center if people don’t stop dying? It has been through a post in which one can read: ”Let one person die per course in Las Encinas and they have not closed the school”.

    Undoubtedly, This is the biggest mistake of ‘Elite’, and it seems that they will not solve it anytime soon, especially now that season 7 and new characters arrive. More to kill!

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    Reviewing all the deaths that occurred in ‘Elite’, Marina (María Pedraza) opened the ban. She drowned after being hit by a bottle in the Las Encinas pool. The culprit was Polo (Álvaro Rico), who later ended up assassinated by Lú herself (Danna Paola). Let’s also remember that Christian (Miguel Herrán) suffered a serious motorcycle accident in season 3 (for which fans created a theory thinking that Iván would not return). In season 6 we had to fire Cruz (Carloto Cotta) and we wanted to say goodbye to Samuel, because he dies, but with a very poor start.

    In addition, at the end of part 6 we witness a shooting in the educational center itself. We don’t know the consequences of this, but it would be the perfect excuse to solve the ‘Elite’ error.

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