The historian Víctor Cata is the new Secretary of Culture of Oaxaca

Oaxaca, Oax.- VIctor Vazquez Castillejos, known as Victor Cataethnologist, historian and defender of the Diidxazá (Zapotec) language was presented this Thursday afternoon as headline of the Ministry of Culture (Secret).

Originally from Juchitán, Cata will assume the position of promoting the Culture of the 8 regions of Oaxaca that comprise 570 municipalities, where they are spoken 16 indigenous languages such as the zoque, chontal, ayuujk (mixe), ixcateco -which is in danger of extinction-, ikoots, among others.

Some of his works in a bilingual Zapotec–Spanish version are Nácasinu diidxa’ ‘Sólo somos memoria’; He libana ritual texts used by the Zapotecs in traditional weddings. Guichiyoo Testament, in addition to Aesop’s Fables in Zapotec together with the Juchiteca poet Natalia Toledo.

Likewise, Cata promoted the iguana trail together with the poet Natalia Toledo, a project that consisted of visit schools and cultural spaces to teach Zapotecso that more girls, boys and young people can speak it.

In 2019, he received two awards. Rai’íchali Award. Guardian of the word, granted by the government of Chihuahua, 2019. And the Centzontle Award to the literary creation in indigenous languages ​​granted by the government of Mexico City, for the work Guichi Yoo. Will.

From 2018 to 2020 Víctor Cata worked at the Undersecretary of Cultural Diversity of the federal Ministry of Culture, of the current six-year term.

From 2019 to November 2022, it promoted actions in favor of its Culture through its Cultural Center “Yoo Dachi” where he offers workshops on Zapotec and cultural activities independently.

Friends, acquaintances and family members wished Victor Cata success in this new assignment, urging Governor Salomón Jara Cruz to grant a sufficient budget and allow him to work independently to address the lags that the entity is experiencing in culture.

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