Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee, martial arts master and actor, will see his life reflected in the medium that, in his day, transported his image throughout the world.. Ang Lee, filmmaker responsible for ‘Life of Pi’ or ‘Tiger and Dragon’, will direct the film about the iconic figure. In addition, it will be his own son, Mason Lee, in charge of giving life to Bruce in the film.

    Dan Futterman will be the screenwriter for ‘Bruce Lee’ (the name the project will receive), which will narrate the events that occurred in the life of the mythical actor, known for films such as ‘Eastern Fury’ or ‘Operation Dragon’.

    Bruce Lee

    Mason Lee, the film’s protagonist, has previously been part of the cast of other films such as ‘The Hangover 2: Now in Thailand!’, where we saw him give life to Teddy, a teenager that the protagonists try to rescue, as they remember what happened during their crazy night out in Bangkok. In addition, we could also see him in the 2016 drama (directed by his father) ‘Billy Lynn’ and in the Taiwanese comedy ‘Stand by me’.

    The production of the biopic is borne by sony Y 3000 pictures. Elizabeth Gabler and Marisa Paiva will coordinate this project together with Ang Lee. Gabler recently spoke about the project in a statement and stated:

    “‘Bruce Lee’ has long been a desired project for Ang. This is a deeply emotional film that reflects the successes and conflicts of one of the most admired heroes of our time. All of us, in sony Y 3000 picturesWe are proud to help Ang and his team create what we think will be an extraordinary cinematic event.”

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    Paramount Pictures

    Ang Lee has won the Oscar for Best Director for ‘Brokeback Mountain’, ‘Life of Pi’, and the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film for ‘Wò hǔ cáng lóng’. He is also known for participating in other titles such as ‘Sense and Sensitivity’ and ‘The Wedding Banquet’.

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