Went back!  Cineteca Nacional resumes online ticket sales

After several months of failures, the Cineteca Nacional restored its online ticket sales starting this Thursday.

The Dissemination area of ​​the film venue informed Aristegui News that a few months ago his IT team detected attempts to violate the security of online ticket buying and selling, which put both the institution and the users at risk.

For that reason, online ticket sales had to be suspended.

A month ago, it was put back into operation but attempts to violate the portal were detected again, so it had to be suspended for the second time.

However, personnel from the Cineteca Nacional told this medium today that the portal already has the system again.

A visit to the Billboard section no longer has the announcement that online sales were suspended indefinitely.

In this way, users can already buy tickets for all the shows available at the moment, including the shows to project Pinocchio by the Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro.


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