New York is looking for a 'rat czar,' who can earn up to $170,000

The city of New York, in the United Statesis looking for a new manager to put a stop to the true enemy of the big apple: the rats.

Mayor Eric Adam’s office has opened the call for director of rodent mitigation or ‘czar of rats’as many call it.

“The ideal candidate should be motivated and somewhat bloodthirstysays the humorous job ad published this week.

Whoever is chosen for the position could receive a payment of up to $170,000.

The details indicate “a work of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week It requires stamina and dexterity.”

It calls for applicants to be New York City residents with a “swashbuckling attitude, sly humor, and a general aura of evil“.

Responsibilities include developing rat Mitigation Strategies, manage projects and policy initiatives in city agencies and lead from the front lines with practical extermination techniques.

Rats will hate this job. But 8.8 million New Yorkers and their city government are ready to work with you to reduce the rat population, increase cleanliness, and prevent pestilence,” the statement for the job proclaims.

This is the most recent measurement of the “war on rats” plan which started in October.

Other measures taken have included installing storage bins across the street, changing when New Yorkers leave their trash outside, and set rules for heavy-duty trash bags insect proof.

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