Solalinde launches against Monreal for "using Morena for her campaign"

The father Alejandro Solalinde criticized that Senator Ricardo Monreal “use” a Morena “for his new political campaign under the motto of reconciliation”.

Despite the fact that the senator defined yesterday that he will continue in Morena and assured that his is not a “vulgar ambition” as a presidential candidate, the religious man, who has supported President Andrés Manuel López Obrador since his campaign, asked: “Can anyone believe him (Monreal)?”

“And how smart not to mess with the most important political symbol of the country: AMLO. He’s not a fool to take on the people“Solalinde considered.

The senator has not responded to Solalinde and a source close to him announced: “he will not respond.”

On Thursday, Monreal pointed out that anger and social tension are factors that are followed by violence.

He noted that the militancy will say if he is a candidate or not presidential election of his party and he will have to assess this decision.

“Sooner or later they will have to give way to respect, tolerance, diversity, plurality and reconciliation,” he confided about the morenistas.

In the march led by President López Obrador last Sunday, Monreal was the most booed, although he did not attend because of an interparliamentary in Spain.

Monreal maintained that his cause is not against President AMLO; He added that he will go on a “reconciliation tour”, which was joined by PAN member Santiago Creel, but clarified that he himself raised it of their own accord and he has not spoken to him about it again, although they had said that it would take place this month.

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“I ask the founders of Morena for reflection and the benefit of the doubt, I am not fighting against the party, I am not going to fight against the party’s militants, I have complied with the party long before many leaders. I ask the militancy not to pay attention to this climate of hostility because I do not deserve it, I have not been anything other than the founder, defender and builder of this Movement that has now won the Presidency of the Republic, 22 states, local Congresses and is a powerful political force”, Monreal stressed yesterday.

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