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It’s nearly Christmas and we’ve got a present for you. Next week is TMZ’s (clearly delightful) holiday special “Merry Elfin’ Christmas,” but you don’t have to wait to see some of the yuletide, uh, delights from the snarkiest Tabloid show in America. Because we’ve got an exclusive sneak peak featuring rap star Post Malone.

In the clip, which you can watch exclusively on TheWrap at the top of the page, Post (Mr. Malone?) reveals to the TMZ gang one of the performers who’ll be joining Rihanna when she headlines Super Bowl LVII in February: Himself .

“So if you had to guess – like, she hasn’t said who is coming out with her,” TMZ host Harvey Levin says in the clip.

“Sure,” Post Malone replies.

“Who do you think?” Levin asks.

“I don’t know,” Post replies before the camera zooms in on him having a confused look on his face. “Rocky, maybe” he adds, referring to A$AP Rocky.

“You’re in the mix, you know, you don’t want to betray your industry friends,” Loren LoRosa asks.

“No, no no no,” Post says playing up some serious faux discomfort.

“Well no, no, you shouldn’t ask him that way,” Levin jokes.

“Alright guys, it’s me,” Post says as the whole room erupts in laughter.

Ok, Ok ok, it’s almost certainly not true. The clue—aside from the fact that there’s no way Rihanna would let someone reveal the goods on TMZ—is that Post has a delightful s—eating grin when he says it. Of course, you never know, maybe this ends up being true. Maybe Rihanna watches this and decides it sounds like a good idea.

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Of course Post Malone isn’t the only celeb showing up for the fun. “TMZ Merry Elfin’ Christmas” also features appearances by Henry Winkler, Giada De Laurentiis, Kenya Moore, Smokey Robinson, Kenny G and Camille Vasquez. It sounds like a blast and we can all find out together on Monday, Dec. 5 at 8:00 pm Eastern/7:00 central on Fox.

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